Goodbye Blogger; Hello Jekyll

Dale Humby bio photo By Dale Humby

I’ve been wanting to move off of Blogger, where I’ve hosted my blog since 2010, for… well, almost as long. Google seems to have let this product die, and I don’t think the interface has changed in 10+ years.

I like Medium, but don’t always have an internet connection. And so (like with Blogger) I ended up writing posts in Evernote (which I use for almost everything), and then copying to Blogger or Medium, which is a pain.

I use Markdown daily for writing internal documentation, and Mercurial and Bitbucket for source control. Time to try out a static site. Being a long time Python user I looked around at Python static site generator, but decided that the ecosystem and docs around Jekyll was better.

I’m also hosting the content on Google Cloud Storage (GCS), using ‘Standard’ availability, in the US region. Another major benefit of using GCS is Google’s global edge caches that behave like a CDN, caching content closer to users.

I used the guide for setting up a static site, and a great blog post to get me going.

Next steps, customise a theme.