Take me to Funky Town

Dale Humby bio photo By Dale Humby
I don't know why, or who started it but ever since the all-nighters at Regus, Centuary City with 8 developers in a 10 square meter room, Lips Inc's 'Funky Town' has been our theme tune. We've been threatening for the better part of two years to get our device to play that tune. That story is forever being deprioritised. But no more. Today we have an official command in our software stack called play_funky_town.

It was a quick dev spike to test the piezoelectric buzzer on our next revision of hardware where we changed from a self-driving, through-hole mounted buzzer to one that needs a 3 kHz square wave from the microcontroller. It also works at frequencies from 100 Hz to about 10 kHz, plenty for Funky Town!

And we can do other more serious stuff, like when we loose our device we can find it by triggering the play_funky_town command from the server and it bursts in to life, complete with a disco LED light sequence on the keypad.

The original awesomness that is Funky Town?