Clubbing with engineers

Dale Humby bio photo By Dale Humby
Last night after the England-Algeria 0-0 draw we went to see Fatboy Slim at the CTICC. (Another draw... I wonder if the opposite spin direction of the Coriolis effect in the Southern Hemisphere is what's causing all the ball confusion?)

Still running on African time I arrived a little later than the English. Andy came out to bring me my ticket and then zig-zagged us through a crowd of ten thousand screaming space cadets and beer bellied lions to the hand full of people we were with. How'd he do it?

It was only before I headed to the bar that I looked around to find some land marks to lead me back when I realised that Andy had positioned us right beneath two intersecting girders in the massive roof structure. You could drop a plumb-bob from the intersection and it would dangle in his beer cup.

One of the other guys we were with, clearly not an engineer (poor lad!) got lost and it took him 45 minutes to find us again.

Moral: When in large crowds with engineers, we are the groupies beneath the really obvious land marks, positioned with the accuracy of a drilling platform in the North Sea, continually fighting the currents to maintain position.