Build your first chat bot with WhatsApp, Twilio and Dialogflow

Dale Humby bio photo By Dale Humby

Slides from my keynote at Google DevFest talk in Cape Town in November 2019 on writing Chat Bots. (Unfortunatley there were technical difficulties with the video production, so it wasn’t published, which is a shame considering this talk was majority live coding + demo.)

Today’s customers expect an always on experience – to transact and have their questions answered whenever and wherever they are – without downloading an app or searching a slow website.

A way to achieve this is through a WhatsApp chat bot that is always ready to help, but building a bot that doesn’t frustrate clients is surprisingly tricky.

In this talk I’ll walk you through building your first chat bot using integrated tools like WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Twilio and Dialogflow for natural language processing, all without needing a PhD in machine learning.