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These books have influenced my thinking in a deep and meaningful way.

What I'm reading now

Cloud Atlas
Man's Search for Meaning

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Books I've read recently

Test Driven Development for Embedded C
Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software
Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases Through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation
Machine That Changed the World: The Story of Lean Production
The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses
Chasing the Rabbit: How Market Leaders Outdistance the Competition and How Great Companies Can Catch Up and Win
Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love
Managing The Design Factory:  A Product Developer's Toolkit
The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development
The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth
The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book that Will Change the Way You Do Business
The Martian
The Man in the High Castle
The Player of Games
Use of Weapons
Consider Phlebas
The Wasp Factory

Dale Humby's favorite books »